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"Very professional and took time to make sure work on sidewalks lifted as perfect as could possibly do it. Ensured pitch of walks would have rain run away from our home. I highly recommend Concrete Lifting Inc to anyone looking for this service, and would certainly use them again."
—Nancy, Bloomington, MN

"Driveway sunk along entire front of 3-car garage; able to mudjack to original height. I was totally happy with work and impressed with how professional they were throughout the process. I would recommend this company and will use them again for any future concrete issues."

"Pleased with concrete slab lifting to front entrance of our home; an outstandng job; sidewalk looks great. Responded extremely fast."

"A section of our sidewalk was raised; it was done quickly and efficiently. All mess was cleaned up."
—Barb, Mendota Heights

"The sidewalk at my home's back door was pitching toward the steps and foundation....the basement wall would get wet....Concrete Lifting raised 6 segment of sidewalk to allow water to flow away from the house. Two other concrete raising companies told me they wouldn't be able to help me. Kyle was able to accomplish what others said couldn't be done."
—Douglas, Minneapolis

"This is my THIRD experience with Concrete Lifting over the past 8 years.....they do very good work and take great pride in workmanship. very polite and makes sure that the customer is pleased with results. Concrete Lifting is NOT the lowest bid but because of materials they use and my past experience with them, I decided to use them again....would recommend them to my friends and neighbors."
—Doug, Burnsville

"Raised our 20-year-old sidewalk over 7 inches......a fantastic job.....professional and takes time to make sure work is done right. I would highly recommend Concrete Lifting to anyone looking for these services and I would certainly use them again."
—Pam, Minneapolis

"Concrete Slab Lifting did a wonderful job filling voids under our basement slabs. Not only did they fill voids but they were able to get some lift to the floor as well to make it more even.  They are super professional, reasonably priced, very responsive, and genuinely care about doing a great job."
-Julia R.



Before Driveway After Driveway
BEFORE Mudjacking: AFTER Mudjacking:
Before Porch After Porch
BEFORE Mudjacking: AFTER Mudjacking:
Before Step After Step
BEFORE Mudjacking: AFTER Mudjacking:
Before Walkway

After Walkway