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What is Mudjacking?

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Our Process Vs. Our Competitors...

Our Process

We start by strategically drilling 1 3/8-inch diameter holes in the concrete where lifting is needed. Then we hydraulically pump crushed gravel/Portland Cement slurry through the holes, which fills all cavities and floats the slab back to original grade. After the slab is back in place, we clean the cement thoroughly and patch the holes with cement,

The Other Guys

Most mudjacking companies in Minnesota use the same process but different materials. One common material is Calcium Carbonate, or pulverized rock. This soft, chaulky substance will lift slabs, but will not stay due to the material's inability to compact. Calcium Carbonate is also very vulnerable to water.

Another popular product is Poly foam. This injectable liquid chemical reacts with air to make foam. It is proven to be 3 to 5 times more costly than traditional mudjacking; due to its liquid form, it can be uncontrollable in residential settings.

Before Mudjacking

After Mudjacking