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Concrete Lifting Inc.  services Minneapolis & St. Paul metropolitan area as well as outstate Minnesota communities .

Our team has more than 40 years of mudjacking experience in concrete raising and reinforcing foundations through compaction / grouting.

Our service area includes a wide area of central and southern Minnesota.

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Areas in which Mudjacking may be needed are
Concrete Lifting or Compaction Grouting

• Sidewalks
• Stoops
• Basement Floors
• A/C Slabs
• Curb & Gutters
• Office Floors
• Driveways
• Footings
• Patios
• Garage Floors
• Pool Decks
• Warehouse Floors
• Loading Docks

Mudjacking can save you money on your repairs. We offer competitive pricing and our ESTIMATES ARE FREE

Raising and supporting sunken concrete slabs, called mudjacking, costs a fraction of tear-out and replacement of sunken slabs.

Concrete / Cement Lifting is Our Specialty.